SEI-FLEX-500 (HDD Mobil Processing Unit)

With our 40+ years of experience in Solids Control and Drilling Waste Management, we are pleased to introduce to our product line the SEI- FLEX-500 Horizontal Directional Drilling Mobil Processing Unit. The HDD Mobil Processing Unit is designed to be utilized in the civil industry, and can be customized for your specific job requirements. If its HDD, Micro-tunneling, Large Diameter Tunneling, Water Well Drilling, Slurry Wall/Foundation Drilling, Hydrovac Mud Processing, and various other civil industries, the SEI-FLEX-500 will meet your fluid processing needs. The mobility and quick set up allows you efficiently and reliably process/recycle drilling fluids and refining waste on-site.

Features & Benefits
  • Rapid moving and quick set up
  • Built on a heavy duty, tri-axle air ride suspension
  • Two chamber 33 cubic meter (207 bbl) capacity tank
  • Portable and rugged
  • Waste minimized
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • PrimaG 4 Panel Linear Motion shaker with a range of 6 to 8+ g’s of vibrational force
  • PrimaG 4 Panel offers a large screening area of 30 ft2 (2.79m2)
  • VFD controlled centrifuge
  • Fibergrate floor for enhanced traction
  • LED Flood Lights for enhanced night visibility
  • Tank valve controls below grating to eliminate trip hazards.
  • Crimp wall design for added strength
  • Turn-key system

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