Drilling Management Company

3Core has the ability, experience and human resources to offer an Integrated Services Package to support drilling operations worldwide. 3 CORE’s Integrated Services Package can include, but is not necessarily limited to, a range of services and deliverables for which the Operator would ultimately specify the actual requirements.

Integrated Services Experience

3 CORE Integrated Services group has the following experience in the management of integrated services and turnkey projects:

PDO, Oman

Lekhwair turnkey drilling project for the building, mobilization, commissioning and supply of three fast moving drilling rigs for drillilng of 320 turnkey wells.

Total, Dubai

Integrated services for the design, engineering, construction, maintenance and disposal of three temporary offshore jacket structures, DNV Classed.

Shell Sarawak, Malaysia

Integrated services with supply of the tender assisted drilling barge Ile-de-Sein for drilling deviated and horizontal development wells on the Bayan B and D fields.

Petronas Carigali, Turkmenistan

Negotiated and coordinated an Integrated Services contract for an exploration drilling campaign with the jack-up rig ‘Iran Khazar’ in the Caspian Sea.

Petro Vietnam, Algeria

Negotiated and coordinated an Integrated Services contract for exploration of the Bir-El-Seba field, including the management of 32 subcontractors.

NAM, Netherlands

Responsible for well design, programming and execution for Baker Hughes Solutions of an Integrated Services project on the Zechstein field.

Myanmar Oil & Gas Ent, Myanmar

Coordination of field operations for Baker Hughes Solutions on the Mann field.

Taq Taq field, Kurdistan

Well design, programming, management and coordination of Integrated Services for drilling of 6 wells for TTOPCO plus the planning for a subsequent exploration program.

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