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Naphta Consulting International (Naphta) is an independent Drilling, Testing and Completion Management Services Company established in 2005. Naptha has offices in Dubai and Erbil (Iraq-Kurdistan).

Naphta’s scope of work includes project management, civil works, drilling engineering, H.S.E., fluid engineering, geological supervision, testing, completion, contracting, environmental remediation, materials control and procurement.

Naphta has been operating continuously in the Middle East and North Africa since 2005. During this period, over 50 wells have been successfully drilled without any major incidents (including HPHT and ultra deep wells). These wells were drilled under extreme circumstances, including H2S sour gas, fractured carbonate reservoirs and pore pressures ranging from less than 6ppg to over 18ppg EMW.

In addition, Naphta can also provide specialized field and office based personnel.


Naphta Philosophy

The principal working model of Naphta is to provide quality Integrated Services to manage customer oilfield projects from inception to completion.

The services are tailored to each customer’s individual needs and requirements.

Starting with a core team, additional resources and expertise will be added to the project whilst progressing.

Naphta services overview

Naphta has proven experience, expertise and resources to offer an Integrated Services package to support and supply well construction services. Naptha’s Integrated Services package include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following services:

  • Project management, including project planning and scheduling
  • Preparation and finalisation (including obtaining necessary approvals) of the conceptual and final well designs, AFE’s, drilling, testing and completion programmes.
  • Tendering and contracting of tangibles and services. 
  • Managing the supply chain.
  • Preparation and construction of the drilling site (location), roads and water wells.
  • HSE Management.
  • Cost Control and Financial Reconciliation.
  • Rig Inspection and Acceptance.
  • Field and Office based supervisory staff (drilling, testing, fluids, completion, HSE, geology, civil works, etc…).
  • Reporting – daily, monthly, end of well, government, etc…
  • Auditing.

Salient Integrated Services projects by Naphta over the last 10 years

OperatorsCountryNumber of rigsNumber of wells & DepthRig providers
Sheikh Adi

Drilled & completed 11 wells to 3400 -4800m (Shaikan)

Drilled & suspended 2 wells to 3200m (Sheikh-Adi)

WO & re-completion of 6 wells

KS Drilling Weatherford Hi-Tec Romfor
1Drilled 1 well (air drilling)Viking
Oryx (Canada)Iraq
3Drilled & completed 12 wells to 2000 - 3400mKS Drilling Sakson EDC-Romfor
Taq Taq (Stage1)
1Drilled 9 development wells to 2400mKS Drilling TTOPCO
Taq Taq (Stage2)
2Drilled 1 HPHT well 8 development wells (Shallow (2), HZ(2) & Vert.(4))Same as above
Taq Taq (Stage3)
1Drilled 1 well + 3 W/O (ESP&PCP)Same as above
Gazprom (Russia)Iraq
2Drilled 2 HPHT wells to 4500m+Weatherford Grey Wolf

The following rigs and service providers were used to support the operations: Oilserv, NPS, Schlumberger, Cougar, Corpro, Halliburton, Weatherford, MI Swaco, Al Mansoori, CNLC, Sunbelt, Baker Hughes, Sanjel, Zana Group

Typical scope of work: Project Management: Well design, Tenders submission & evaluation, Budget control, Procurement, Drilling & Testing, Campaign supervision, Logistics, Civil Works, HSE, Geological Supervision.

Note: In addition to above, Naphta was also in charge to drill 2 wells in Northern Iraq on behalf of Shamarah (Canada), in charge of well studies and provision of personnel for Sterling Energy, Oilserach , Genel Energy, Talisman and Total.

North Africa Experience (Algeria and Tunisia)

Ecumed (Tunisia)

Design, programming, management and coordination of a workover campaign in Tunisia.

Petronas (Algeria)

Supervision QA/QC of Exploration drilling campaign in Sahara desert with Forasol land rig National 110-2 under Halliburton Project Management.

Petrovietnam (Algeria)

Project Management from Algiers.

Sonatrach-Cepsa (Algeria)

In charge of daily Drilling operations of the Ourhoud Project (development campaign) with land rigs Nabors 288 and leap frog rig 136.

Al Thani (Tunisia)

Well design, programming, management and coordination of Integrated Services for the drilling and testing of 2 wells on the El Jem field in Tunisia. Additional well planning for assets in Tunisia, Egypt and West Africa.

Note: More than thirty (35) engineers with Algeria & Tunisia experience on the following disciplines : Project Management, Well design, Procurement, Logistics and Civil works were mobilized for above campaigns

Management team Integrated Services experience​

Shell Sarawak

Integrated services with the supply of the tender assisted drilling barge Ile-de-Sein, for drilling deviated and horizontal development wells on the Bayan B and D fields in Malaysia.

PDO Oman

Manufacturing of two fast moving desert rigs in Houston, USA, for a turn-key project for drilling 120 wells for PDO in Oman (with NDC), mobilization, testing and commissioning.

Petronas Carigali

Negotiated and coordinated an Integrated Services contract in Turkmenistan for an exploration drilling campaign in the Caspian Sea.

Petro Vietnam

Negotiated and coordinated an Integrated Services contract in Algeria for exploration of the Bir-El-Seba, including the management of 32 subcontractors.

Arabian Gulf

Jack-up operation integrated services, including skid-off conversion, skid-off drilling, supply and management of supply boats and helicopters, supply of fuel and mud chemicals, platform modification, downhole equipment supply, etc…

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